Is it the people?
Is it the room that looks the same?
The conversations?
‘Cause I thought I heard your name
Or just illusions?
Somehow, I just can’t explain
What reminds me of you
Am I lonely?
Is it really you I’m missing
Or just somebody?
I think I’ve got mixed feelings
With Bacardi
Somehow I just can’t explain
‘Cause I don’t want me to want you
Oh, I try not to think about what she’s like
And I try not to wonder where you’ve been
And I try to have a drink, toss it back, I don’t wanna think
I really try not to miss you, but in the end
I do
I do
I do
I do
It’s getting late and
People heading off
Neighbors complainin’
And the music stops
But here I’m waiting
For you to show up
Like that would happen, mm-hm
I can’t remember
The reasons we broke up
I just remember (I just…