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Burning Bridges Chords Guitar Piano and Lyrics

Burning Bridges Chords Guitar Piano and Lyrics

Guitar Tuning : Standard Tuning

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Difficulty: Intermediate

Pink Floyd – Burning Bridges (Waters, Wright)

G F D Bb F C G

Bridges burning gladly, merging with the shadows,

Flickering between the lines.

Bb F
Stolen moments floating softly on the air,

Born on wings of fire and climbing higher.

Ebmaj7 Dbmaj7
Ancient bonds are breaking, moving on and changing sides.

Ebmaj7 Dbmaj7
Dreaming of a new day, cast aside the other way.

Ab G
Magic visions stirring, kindled by and burning flames rise in her eyes.

Ebmaj7 Dbmaj7
The door that stands ajar, the walls that once were high.

Ebmaj7 Dbmaj7
Beyond the gilded cage, beyond the reach of ties.

The moment is at hand.

She breaks the golden band.

Ebmaj7 Dbmaj7 Ab G

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