You’ll never see me to the core

All the ways I’ve been before

You’ll learn to see there’s so much more to this

Can’t you see I’m here all alone?

Can’t you see I’m far from home?

Even when I’m dreamin’ the most

I keep my deepest fears too close

And I should know by now

It’s better if I calm down

It’s better if I lash out

Instead of clinging on to

I wanna be with someone

I wanna feel somethin’

Instead of holdin’ onto

Holdin’ onto nothin’ (Holdin’ onto me)

I can’t believe we’re so similar

Waitin’ for the leaves to change

Wishin’ I could be

Prayin’ I could be the same

Give me that one-

Science can’t explain the divine

I swear I get let down most times

Plato couldn’t keep love in lines

So I keep tryin’ and tryin’ and tryin’

But I’m not done

Will the solace in art fill the hole in my heart?

Well, inside, I’m growing tired of conversations, ah

If I had a soul that was painted in gold

Then I’d keep draggin’ it down in the dirt until I’m not wrong

So assume

We could both lie in the setting sun

I’ll be on my way before we’re done