I feel you in these walls

You’re a cold air creeping in

Chill me to my bones and skin

I heard you down the hall

But it’s vacant when I’m looking in

Oh, who let you in?

You walk around like you own the place

But you never say anything

I caught you walking straight through my walls

Guess it was all my fault

I think I let you in

Look, you said I never wrote a song for you

So I hope this one is haunting you

You said even if it took forever

That me and you would be together

And I never thought that you would lie

So I admit I took advantage of your precious time

I admit I took advantage of you every night that I was on the road

Even at home I wouldn’t do you right

I’ll admit it, but don’t think for a minute I’ma let you

Convince me that what we started is finished

Or for a second that I wouldn’t take a bullet to the head for you

Paint the bottom on my floor red for you kissed by an angel

Touched by the devil, blood from a nose red as a rose petal

I think we’re caught up in a power trip

She my Kate Moss, I’m her Johnny Depp

Life of the fast. Life in the fast lane

Lights in the cab. Nights drinkin’ champagne

Ice make it last. Ice for the back pain

With the knife on the dash, pipe with the ashtray

And we fuck with the lights off, break a lamp shade

Did it twice in the room, once in the matinee, oh

Hide all the fresh wounds like a band-aid

With the stripes on the black suits for the campaign, oh

What a damn shame

King of the underworld, what a damn name

‘Cause he killed all the other girls in the damn frame

For a queen that he never realized had fangs

Damn, do you feel what I’m sayin’?

Take a knife in the back, wanna feel my pain

Make a slice to the wrist to reveal those veins

I could see your face, man I feel insane

Never thought that I would feel like this

Such a mess when I’m in your presence

I’ve had enough, think you’ve been making me sick

Gotta get you out of my system, yeah

It’s my house

I think it’s time to get out

It’s my soul

It isn’t yours anymore

It’s my house

I think it’s time to get out

Yeah, I think it’s time to get out

Yeah, yeah, whoa-whoa-whoa

(Yeah, I think it’s time to get out)