3 YEARS AGO I made a disstrack on mum

was only joking

was just for fun

but I’m not holding back no more

Gonna shoot you down like a gun

50 years old but you look 80

You’re not cool

You’re an old lady

You’re weak and your muscles are achy

Maybe try electrotherapy

Got no money in your pocket

Your face make me wanna vomit

Call yourself big jill the rapper

The only bars that you’ve got is chocolate

Old lady thinks she can battle me

Without glasses can’t even see

This vid is your funeral

And I’ve got a front row seat

Your bars are weak like Styrofoam

You don’t even know how to use a phone

You need to put down the mic

And head to the retirement home

I made your channel you know it’s true

I’m the only reason that you grue

Put after this your channels done

And I’ll take all the revenue

Age 15, I was richer

Now check the bank, 7 figure

You grow quick I grow quicker

You’re the student I’m the teacher

I’m the one pulling the trigger

Don’t say morgz call me mister

You asked for this don’t be bitter

In this battle I’m the victor


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What’s that

You thought I was done?

Dissing you is too much fun

After this, I’ll call you jill

‘Cause you’ll no longer be my mum

Shut up saying that you’re the queen

So fat broke the weight machine

And your face is so monsterous

Don’t need a mask on Halloween

You’re vids are a crime

You can’t even rhyme

I made your channel

I can kill it any time

To me you’re an after thought

My bars are fire

Baking hot

Heres something that you forgot

You’re living in the house that I bought

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