Big Latto



I got money and my own family started acting funny

I don’t trust nobody, keep it on me

I swear they always told me that the top would be lonely (Yeah)

Two year relationship, that nigga really owe me (Pussy)

Bitch, I want my time back, bruises, had to hide that

I thought I was pregnant, to this day, I’m thanking God for that

Fuck The Rap Game, still happy I ain’t sign that

No sleep, when I land, headed straight to sound check

Dropped ten bands to beat a case that I ain’t do (Yeah)

How the fuck they book me for some shit with no proof? (Shit cap)

Bitch, I ain’t forgot how y’all was clownin’, but it’s cool

I’ma sue and get the last laugh on ’em when I’m through

I love my OG, but he ain’t show me how to treat shit

No wonder why I let that nigga try me like a weak bitch

Shouldn’t have made the tape, he keep on threatenin’ to leak shit

I let a nigga break me, now I’m pickin’ up the pieces (Yeah)

She used to be my dawg, but now she telling all my business (Bitch)

If I could take it back, I wouldn’t have been on television (Hell no)

‘Cause y’all won’t let me grow up and accept the fact I’m winning

Brother in the penitentiary, it’s a piece of me missing (Straight up)

Heart been broke way too many times (Times)

Me and Brooke beatin’ bitches, still banned from Mount Zion

I can’t let the industry get between me and mine

Swear I’m trying not to lose it, but this shit be havin’ me crying

Mama had me at fifteen, really got it out the mud (Yeah)

I came home from school and seen bags, hella drugs

Lost the bond with my daddy for some money and a buzz

Swear the industry the devil, shit, it is what it was

Ain’t no stranger on the ‘net finna tell me ’bout my life, though (Hell nah)

As a kid, feelin’ too black for the white folks

Ain’t changin’ my name, disagree and you can die slow

Work hard and pray harder, bitch, that’s all I know (Bitch)