Verse 1]

Day off in Kyoto

Got bored at the temple

Looked around at the 7-Eleven

The band took the speed train

Went to the arcade

I wanted to go, but I didn’t

You called me from a payphone

They still got payphones

It costs a dollar a minute

To tell me you’re getting sober

And you wrote me a letter

But I don’t have to read it


I’m gonna kill you

If you don’t beat me to it

Dreaming through Tokyo skies

I wanted to see the world

Then I flew over the ocean

And I changed my mind (Woo)

[Verse 2]

Sunset’s been a freak show

On the weekend, so

I’ve been driving out to the suburbs

To park at the Goodwill

And stare at the chem trails

With my little brother

He said you called on his birthday

You were off by like ten days

But you get a few points for tryin’

Remember getting the truck fixed

When you let us drive it

25 felt like flying


I don’t forgive you

But please don’t hold me to it

Born under Scorpio skies

I wanted to see the world

Through your eyes until it happened

Then I changed my mind


Guess I lied

I’m a liar

Who lies

‘Cause I’m a liar