[Verse 1]

Yeah, rest in peace to my brothers, hope it ain’t me next

Niggas, they talkin’ on me, just a bunch of rejects

Look, I told you in 2012, “Keep a small circle”

Now I’m learning the people closest, they’ll all hurt you, uh

So I stopped trying to understand

Or maybe, I got sick of holding other people’s hands

But, shout out to the family, and, shout out to the fans

And, shout out to my lawyer for executing these plans

Niggas get complacent then get mad when they replaced

I need you for the energy, I need you for the hate

You and I are not the same, I found out you a snake

Thought that we was family, but you cannot relate, yeah

I know they tryna get at me, hopin’ karma would catch me

Thought that you had my back, turned around, found out you stabbed me

That’s why it’s hard for me to love somebody

And they wonder why I never fuckin’ trust nobody

‘Cause I’m, over you niggas, I disowned all you niggas

I paid the motherfuckin’ rent and used to home all you niggas

Paid for the groceries and put food on the stove for you niggas

Funny, I’m rich without you, almost went broke for you niggas

But why am I the only one to never leave and forgive?

Why am I the lonely one to always deal with this shit?

I’m so tired, I can’t take it, I can’t fake it

I’m makin’ sure the album is perfect, no time wasted

Domino effect, chain reaction I see ’em leavin’ now

Changin’ like seasons now, they use me and I see it now

They say the fakest people the ones that you be around

Gave ’em everythin’ that they wanted, so they don’t need me now

Fuck it, that’s my mistake

I see ’em tryna hate

I’m in the studio daily, bitch I ain’t got no brakes

I had a girl, you might’ve heard, but that got in the way

And I would have all these friends, if I begged them to stay


[Verse 2]

Yeah, yeah

They tried to take me down, but it’s Yours Truly, and I’ll never forfeit

Now I just think back to the days before I made the Forbes list

When I was ridin’ down your block on the Honda Accord shit

No money in my pockets, I couldn’t afford shit

But shout out to EG for settin’ up the plays, and

Shout out to 6ix, for being there when I’m wasted

Shout out G-Eazy for our last conversation

If it wasn’t for him, I’d be hanging in the basement

Anthro in the stu’, loadin’ the beat up

Coffin in the cut, getting’ faded, rollin’ the weed up

They try to imitate what we doing, they’ll never be us

Yours Truly ’til the day I die, fuck who don’t need us

Southern California hustler, raised from the dirt, uh

Shout out to my mama, ’cause she always put me first

Rest in peace to Nipsey Hussle, he showed me my worth

When Kobe passed away, I swear to God, I felt the earth just

Stop for a minute, I was lost for a minute

Prayed to God, and I swear I heard him talk for a minute

He told me, “Pray for my enemies, ’cause they ain’t so different”

And he told me “Pray for the world, ’cause all of us in it,” yeah

4 A.M. drives in the streets that I used to sleep in

I see a couple faces of people that’s in the deep end

Drownin’, partyin’ nightly, Monday through weekends

While I be in the studio workin’ late while they sleep in

But really, I started rappin’ to help the fam’ out

Now I drop a hoodie, my city they come and camp out

Used to sit in my bucket, dreamin’ how shit would pan out

Now she say she miss me, I pull up and pull the Lamb’ out

Album almost done, and I’m stressin’ locked in my room

I really came from nothing my nigga, how can I lose?

I wrote this song for anyone hurtin’, this one’s for you

All you need to know is With Love 2’s coming soon

Yours Truly, yeah