Pull up pull up my gang

No face no case no names

Putting work

Doing dirt for the gang

I do it for the hood

I dont do it for the fame

Eye for an eye on site

Thats a hobby

No question running in catch a body

Keys to the whip

Bad niggas in the hottie

Ill call big bros if i need that shotty

Two clicks then bang then everybody running

Been shot at and the trap got shot

But im never gonna stop

Paper chasing in the block

Paper chasing in the block

Feds post my head on the net

I ain’t saying it was me

Tell em double check

No face no case no evidence

Catch the enemies first

And the snitches next

Me and my hitters are solid but young

Some locked up and some on the run

Some got caught some never got done

They say live by the knife and die by the gun

I don’t break bread With the ones that run

Im a brothers keeper dont trust no one

If they want war ready for war

Knock knock knock

I answer my door


They are not from this side

They do not grip and ride

We do trips at night

Even in broad daylight

Ill chop them dogs on sight


I never play the fool

Fool me once put the shame on you

Kicking his head till my kicks turn red

And if you try again put the blame on you

Nah nah whos your witness

Nah fuck that lad imma turn this opp to a victim

Grab that ching and push it in

And give this dog a couple stitches

These days we got no love for the opposition

No love for the bitches

No love for the snitches

Free all my hitters and fuck the system

27 gang we dont ride for the net

Them boys call cops when everyone gets cheffed

Chase down opps when they hit legs

Oi lad go ride for your mate thats dead

Stupid pricks who the fuck they drill

They dont cross them district lines to the field

We go to war like navy seals

Keep weapons concealed when we are out for the kill

Fucking deceitful how can they talk that shit to my people

They are not drilling

There ends are peaceful

Make up lies that side is deceitful

My sides drilling the scores unequal

So who you fooling

Who they drilling

What shanks are they pulling

Still in the trap consistent movement

In love with the war like military units


My hitters in the trap tryna make it out

Brothers in pen case still pending

Lord I pray they make it out

Cos they can take out of my hood

But the hood in me they can’t take it out

My side itching to get to work

Jump out gang out the whip we racing to get him 1st

Anything 21 will get got

Imma leave the cork when i pop it off

Put it on the gang if we let off shots

They all bang online but on site theyre soft

Nah, aye they thought i died, who?

They got there own and im still alive

They dipped there mate and his from there side

5 in the car 3 cars were set

Patrol our hood which crew wants next

Stop that opp take his head lad

Leave that flop lets hope hes dead

They dont want to come around my end

Where the pigs are opps and the gangs your friends

Your not me and your crews not them

They talk about war lad where were they then

That sides actors they are not gang

Dont be fooled if they talk in a slang

That sides actors they are not gang

Your mate got shhhh and nothings changed