Uhh Hussein

Spider nation spider gang

Free la maine


Mhmmm that lu whop na (x7)

They gon be filled with lead or in the pen

Glock I bought it stolen i’ll never turn it in

Chinese chopper long as Yao ming but it shoot like Jeremy lin

Put him in our pack we burnin him

Put him in the church we sermon him (le luwhop)

And i been walking round with a stick like im blind

Im out that nation bitch dont mix me with no slime

Imma {?} on my dick bought a snitch but they be lying

No i didn’t kill him but i celebrate when rats die

But it ain’t no lie bout us puttin that bitch on ol boy

Let that Glock speak until its no voice

Stole them fire arms bitches hotter than a blowtorch

Wet up that pussy left that hoe moist

Them la niggas straight feel them niggas out that 8 better

Knife with a K stab a bitch like Yaya Mayweather

Shots out that drac we gon let them bitches rate set him

Coulda rocked his T, but i like the one with yo homie face better

And they dress up go live with guns them niggas play steppas

Three times he swung we strike him out , my dawg a great catcher

Turnin on the one that sent the hit cause nigga pay better

I jus brought a hammer with a clip longer than a tape measure

I pull up trippin tryna bat a bitch like nipsey yeaaa

Kill him with a smitty he ain’t even worth my glizzy yeaa

Me ,day day , Kasey and la {?} got the whole city scared

Put that bitch on him, meloton him , put that bitch to bed

Dont trip at all, we pick him off soon as they get to playin

{?} ,mask on us like corona in this minivan

Ain’t got no germans for this dirty stick but gon use that bitch again

Forever defense we gon blitz and we gon blitz again( fuck em)


Mhmmm that lu whop na (x7)

Heard nigga caught you innat wood and pulled yo hoe card

Plus i got spiders in that oak boy

I up that fire and make a demon holla ohhh lawwwd

Bitch yo le team at makin no noise

Ain’t gon lie bout us puttin that bitch on ol boy

Yo hoe jus ate that semen sayin ohh lawd

Yo hoe jus ate that dick up like a po- boy

Mhmmm that lu whop na (x7)